Pro-Weld is an Industry Leading maintenance and fabrication company focusing on providing Innovative and Customer Focused solutions within the Mining, Quarry, Asphalt,   Concrete, Waste, Civil and Structural industries. Underpinned by its core values  Reliability, Excellence, Support, Trust,  REST Easy knowing Pro-Weld has a solution to suit your Business.

About Us

Pro-Weld is a maintenance and fabrication business specialising in providing end to end solutions across multiple industries and disciplines. 

The team at Pro-Weld are highly skilled in all areas of Design, Fabrication, Construction, Installation, Service and Maintenance, coupled with great project and safety management skills to ensure project delivery is on time and within budget.

Our Industry Knowledge consisting of Quarry, Mining, Asphalt, Concrete, Waste and Recycling, Civil Construction, Structural, Decorative and Mobile Fleet Maintenance allows Proweld to provide tailored and innovative expertise to varying industry requirements. We also provide site equipped skilled labour to assist you to nail those deadlines. 

Underpinned by its core values “REST” Reliability, Excellence, Support and Trust, Pro-Weld offers Rest Easy solutions through all parts of the maintenance chain. 

Design and Fabrication

Experienced design Draftsmen and highly skilled Fabricators will bring your Concept to life

Construction and Installation

 From small to large modifications, upgrades, new builds, Full on site construction and installation teams equiped with speacialty Tools and Equipment

Service and Maintenance

Ensure your Productivity and Availability are maximised with precise and thorough service and maintenance 

Aluminium and Stainless

Aluminium and Stainless fabrication for that specialty product or industry.